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About us

Outre & Co. is a social community dedicated to increase the level of awareness around beauty, facial skincare and nurture through education, services and products.

In the case of Melody, one of the founders, it started with a scar treatment and that she was advised to use natural products to support the healing. Then she realized that she was a ‘mind-less’ consumer and way too driven by advertisements rather than content.

The Outre & Co. story started with the realization that both of us were dedicated shoppers consuming probably way too much, via trial and error process discovering what works and ending up with tons of semi-used products that were in the best cases resulting in neutral to invisible skin improvement. 

We were overwhelmed by how much information one can find out there but how little real insights were available to really understand what is happening with our skin and why!


We were also lost with what one can do about it, how to use the abundance of healthy & juicy ingredients advertised. There were way too many products for all kinds of purposes, that perhaps did too little for a real human benefit but too much for the harm on animals & nature.

In the same time, we were also conscious of the waste this process creates, more consumption leads to more packaging and production. We wished there was a place where we could go for help. We needed a holistic approach to facial skin care that would guide us through the selection of the products we need to use and how much, what our daily, weekly and monthly routines should be for optimal fit with our values, preferences, habits and budgets. We were in desperate need of sustainable solutions to this challenge.


Beauty plays a big role in our lives; the way society defines it shapes our attitude to consumption of beauty products & services and it often shapes the way we treat ourselves. Often, we consume for the purpose of being and feeling beautiful while our skin only needs just enough care and nurture to be at its best. However, even the beauty industry is changing and moving towards personalization, recognizing the unique needs of each individual, and the many variations and definitions of beauty.

With Outre & Co. we saw the need to take an active part of the change & help people free themselves from the stringent, fixed definition of beauty, that prompts consumption to feel beautiful.

Girl in lavender fields

Empowering you
We aim to educate for the purpose to empower individuals finding and embracing their personalized holistic skin solutions. We are going to form a community that will empower people to take control over their skincare, guided by professionals, promote only products that hold the benefit of nature and are non-toxic, animal cruelty free & organic and encourage people to spend consciously & sustainably only on what is needed.

cruelty free

Outre & Co. collaborates exclusively with brands and skin professionals that are committed to cruelty free processes and produce vegan and organic products. We carefully & thoroughly scan and select our partners to serving only what is best for the consumer.

Outre & Co. wants to embrace natural beauty and what want everyone to experience what it can mean to feel healthy and happy in your skin.

Cruelty-free is a topic that is very close to our hearts due to the presence of this little lady in our lives: Suu Kyi. As a sophisticated lady pug she is well-read and understands the need of us ladies. She is also passionate about organic/vegan and sustainable skincare products making you feel happy in your skin. Due to the very special connection with this cute lady, Suu Kyi was made the mascot of Outre & Co.